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How Facebook can contribute to better education

These days Facebook is at #1 or #2 most popular sites over the globe. India is fastest growing country on Facebook as discovered by Facebook statistics. Currently, there are around 6.4 Crore Facebook users in the India, which makes it #3 in the ranking of all Facebook statistics by Country.
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 At such high percentage, most of the users are students. So, it will be much beneficial if students consider Facebook as educational service. There are many ways for students of getting benefited from Facebook. Some of the career supportive approaches of Facebook are discussed in below section.
  • New Friends for New Habits: Every person has some unique habits and qualities. Student life is best for learning new habits. And making new friends on Facebook might help in this way. Further the social site can help students to learn and understand their culture through social pages such as Indian Culture on Facebook.
  • Convert communication to learning: The social networking site offers one of the best communication platform, students can transform this communication platform into online distance learning platform. They can connect with alumni, teachers, and friends can communicate with them for educational improvement. There are many communities such as that deliver education content and services for students.
  • Share helpful life experience: In student life, we do many entertaining activities such as Tours and Trips, Visits to friend’s campus etc that we can share with friends through images or videos on Facebook. It will help our friends in learning new facts about those locations and stuff. This interesting knowledge may teach many things to students which might helpful for them somewhere in life.
  • Improve Management skills: Managerial and administrative skills are most important for student to become successful person. Through Facebook, students can create online events and spread the voice about the appearance. Managing things through online platform will help in establishing real life management skills too.
  • Useful Apps for education: In daily life we need many gadgets and things to accomplish our work. Students need many things for learning, and Facebook offers large number of educational application that helps in making learning simplified. It offers applications such as Zoho Online Office, To Do list etc. There are many game apps there such as FarmVille, CafeWorld that helps students to apply real world business approaches, managerial and decision-making skills to boost up there soft skills.
  • Online Presence for Career growth: It helps you in connecting with business entities, corporate communities and professional through their social pages. Some other networks, such as LinkedIn and Twitter are also popular for getting in touch with career consultants and educators. One thing that I noticed recently, that most of the employers check online presence of candidates before offering them job opportunities.
The online learning market reached around $38 billion in the year of 2012. And it is expected to reach $50 billion by year 2016. The social media and online learning institutes will be the key milestone in improving the face of education system in near future.

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