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Top Universities in Canada


 One of the popular destinations in terms of high-quality education and best stay back options, Canada’s 26 repudiated colleges and universities come under the world’s top universities. A country which not only provides a safe and low-cost living but also grants permanent resident ship to its international students. Here I am listing down top 10 Canada’s university which remains in every student’s list who wishes to study abroad.

  1. University of Toronto
Holding 1st position, University of Toronto is Canada’s top institution in research and teaching. The University of Toronto has three branches- Downtown Toronto (St. George), Mississauga (in the West) and Scarborough (in the East).
  1. University of British Columbia
The oldest university of Canada, University of British Columbia has 2 campuses- Vancouver (main campus) and Kelowna.UBC grants a number of scholarships as well. Students who want to pursue their career in the field of Business, Engineering or Architecture should absolutely apply in this university.

3.McGill University
McGill is a public research university which obtains the best score for its percentage of international students out of the top ten colleges in Canada. McGill University offers degrees and diplomas in 300 areas of education.

4. McMaster University

Established in 1887, McMaster is one of the recognized universities in terms of medical research. This university includes more than 21,000 undergraduate’s students, 3,500 graduate students and more than 1000 faculty which are available full time.

5. University of Montreal

Dedicated to its international students, the University of Montreal is a leading university in the research sector. Associated with Poly technique Montreal (engineering), and HEC Montreal (business), University of Montreal comes under top 3 research centres in Canada.

6.University of Alberta
One of the best-known colleges for its palaeontology department, its southern campus relies on environmental studies and also includes a leisure centre of 32,516 m2 which comprises a range of sporting facilities, 14 varieties, and the National Canadian Women's Basketball Team.

7. University of Ottawa
Being the youngest university in Canada, the University of Ottawa has gained its position in Canada’s Top 10 universities due to its worldly recognition for research and academic sector.

8. Western University
Known for its exceptional academic programs, research and outstanding studies, Western University offers a comprehensive complement to over 400 undergraduate courses and 88 different graduate programmes, so students can customize their education to their personal strengths and their career ambitions. 

9. University of Calgary
The University of Calgary is a public research institution providing an academic program to more than 3000 international students. Along with its main campus in Canada, the university has another branch in Doha, Qatar. The university comprises of 85 research centres including Cumming School of Medicine, Schulich School of Engineering, Arts, Environmental Design, Graduate Studies, Kinesiology, Law, Nursing, Science, Social Work, Haskayne School of Business, Veterinary Medicine and Werklund School of Education.

10. University of Waterloo

One of Canada’s leading universities in Quantum computing, nanotechnology, clinical psychology, and engineering and health science, University of Waterloo is a public research university with its main campus in Ontario, Canada.
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