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Scholarship Essay Writing Tips That Will Win You That Grant

Many of the calls for university scholarships require the preparation of this letter as a requirement. This is nothing more than a document in which interests, our goals and above all should be presented as the scholarship to which it is being applied, contributes to its formation and the achievement of its objectives. This document is the opportunity to appear before the selection committee, essay to highlight information that cannot be included anywhere else in the application. If not satisfied you can always go and hire some assignment writing service to get your essay done for you.
In addition, it demonstrates the ability to express oneself, to write, the motivations to continue studies, passion, leadership capacity, among other aspects. Students have difficulty writing an essay, among the causes, we can find that:
  • Most young people do not read, consequently, they have difficulty writing.
  • Students tend to do things at the last moment, as I say many times "we leave everything for the 45th minute and ask for extra time."
  • In addition, most are not familiar with the practice of writing a personal essay to submit along with the application for admission.

Steps to write an essay properly

STEP 1: Think of a very good topic

The essay topic must have a personal meaning, it must reveal something about who you are, what your values and interests are and why you are different from other applicants.
Write something about yourself that is not seen in your notes, the list of courses you took or in any other document of the application.
Selecting the right topic is very important. To start thinking, here are some questions we can ask ourselves: How am I? What have I done? What do I want to do? Where do I want to do it? Why do I want to do it? Why in that place?

STEP 2: Write the essay

Writing takes time; We should not hurry or expect to finish the rehearsal in one afternoon. We must read the instructions carefully - topic, number of words, size and type of letters, margins, and others. We must do the essay considering them. Using simple words to express ideas, you do not need to use large vocabulary to show how much the language in which you are writing is mastered. We must use words to express ourselves and not to demonstrate how intelligent we are. We must illustrate each statement made with an example. Writing in English, it is better not to use contractions like don't, can't or any other.

They are not well seen by the scholarship selection committees

Contractions are used to write to people close to you or trust you, they are not used in serious documents as an essay. Do not write in the first person, do not use the I if possible.
If there are no precise instructions, we suggest:
  • Trial size: 5 to 10 paragraphs, 5 to 7 lines each paragraph.
  • Font size: Times New Roman 12; This is the most used by international universities for the preparation of essays.
  • Normal margins.
  • Spacing: Double-space to facilitate reading and give the reader space to make their observations.

In the structure and writing of the essay, it is advisable to consider the following:

Do not exceed the maximum number of words and/or characters defined by the program to which it applies. It is recommended to make the most of the number of words (at least 90% of the maximum words). Do not write in writing, divide the essay into five or seven paragraphs; the introduction, three to five intermediate paragraphs or essay body, and the closing paragraph. Give special attention to the introduction; Try to capture the interest of the reader, so he will be interested in knowing what he says or what the rest of the essay reveals.
Organize the paragraphs in chronological order, past-present-future. Do not leave topics or paragraphs open, close them !, DO NOT return to a topic later.
To excel in the competition, you must respond in the best possible way to the requirements and objectives of the scholarship to show that you are different and better than the competition. Support your prayers: comment, evidence; comment, evidence; so that you convince.
Clearly express the career of your interest, it is not good to apply for a scholarship with indecision, since the scholarship programs bet on those who have defined vocations. If you are going to write about the advantages of studying abroad, you can do it, but without expressing yourself badly about your country or the universities of your country, because it is frowned upon by the international scholarship program selection committees.
If you speak academic aspects, be cautious, it is possible that whoever reads your an essay is a specialist in the subject. If you are going to talk about the university or the academic program, inform yourself before you speak, otherwise, you can fall into mistakes. It is recommended that in addition to your goals and aspirations, you also express in your essays how you will contribute in the future to the development of your country or to the well-being of your citizens.

Avoid what is not necessary

Avoid talking about religious or faith and political aspects in your essays, except in those cases that are priority aspects of the program. Close the essay requesting the scholarship, do not be afraid to express your reasons and limitations. Even if you have that goal, do not indicate in your essay that after graduation you want to stay in the country where you will continue your studies.
The majority of fellowship programs that grant scholarships to developing countries aim to contribute to the development of countries. Supporting the academic and professional development of their youth, therefore they are expected to return to their country of origin at the end of their studies. There are some programs that even leave this point clearly defined in the bases of their call.
When you write the essay does not exceed the maximum number of words or pages allowed. Use the minimum number of words required to express your ideas clearly and completely. Selection committees should read dozens of applications; they may not read your entire essay if it is too long, so we suggest that it does not exceed 600 words.


Try to avoid the maximum use of "drawer phrases" those that everyone always says and uses, we must be original and stand out among others. Be sure to write correctly: It never hurts to say that it is necessary to check spelling, syntax, the use of punctuation marks. Do not trust that the computer's word processor checks the spelling, take all the time necessary to meticulously review the letter or document to verify that it is well written. Remember that it is necessary to express yourself clearly and concisely. There are some programs that ask questions to meet you, later we will give you some tips on how to answer these questions (see “directed essays”).

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