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Exam preparation retail in Germany (Prüfungsvorbereitung Einzelhandel)

As a merchant in retail, you are the good soul of a business and contact person No. 1, if a customer needs advice. You advise the clientele and take care of the goods presentation so that the purchase decision is a bit easier. So that there is no yawning emptiness on the shelves, you fill them up regularly. At the cash register, it is also with large customer load, not to lose the overview.
Thus, the goods must be scanned, unlocked and packaged within a short time. But you do not only spend your training in the salesrooms, but also in the office. In other words, you learn how to settle accounts, order goods and arrange delivery dates. Which products your life turns in the future depends entirely on you. In general, retailers are sought everywhere where goods are sold, be it in a food discounter such as the globally successful ALDI SÜD group of companies, a LIDL store or a fashion store.

Did you know that the profession of retail salesman/woman is regularly ranked number one in the most popular apprenticeships? This is not least because retailers are needed everywhere. The most diverse products want to be presented, sold and reordered. Of course, you will learn that step by step. Instructors like ALDI SOUTH will show you how to get a good overview of a branch in your first year of training. Soon you will need little help because you know exactly how the goods are presented and stored and when it is time to fill a shelf.

An important part of your training is dealing with the POS system. To avoid long queues at the cash register, you scan the goods at record speed and accept the various forms of payment. The unlocking and packaging can also be part of the cashier. When changing shifts and closing time, the cash falls and settlements are in each case. You'll learn how to count, review, and create bills.

In a retail store but also a lot of work, which takes place behind the scenes. Labels and receipts are created and printed on the computer, and suppliers or employees in the logistics centers call you to receive the latest order. After all, the shelves should be filled with fresh produce every day. Also with the delivery, you are there. So that no customer has to give up his favorite pizza, you check whether the delivery is complete and the quality of the goods is top. Then you initiate the fast storage, so there is no loss of quality. As with any dual vocational training, you also attend a vocational school. Subjects such as German, Maths, and Accounting are on the timetable.

Unfortunately, some students do not do the exams. Last year, more than 4000 students are not passing their examinations. For this reason, we have created our own learning area for this vocational training in Germany on our online platform. 

To know more about exam preparation retail visit usStudents say that our online video training is especially helpful to pass the exams with good grades. You will find all the information on our website.

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