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Preparation for Online MBA Exams such as CMAT

The CMAT exam is a principal tool to pick out candidates for admission in MBA courses in many top institutes. CAT and GMAT are also quite popular entrance exams for admission in various business schools.
Preparation for Online MBA Exams such as CMAT
Basically, the exam evaluates your proficiency in four major areas-
  • Quantitative Ability,
  • Language Comprehension,
  • General Awareness and
  • Logical Reasoning capabilities.

Details of topics asked in CMAT exam:

  • Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation, cover simple day to day math i.e. time-calendar, profit-loss, numbers, simple interest, geometry, algebra, and sets etc.
  • The General Awareness part in CMAT features Current Affairs, Persons in News, Places, Awards and Sports, Geography, Economy highlights, Business events, History, Polity section, Cultural aspects, Science and technology, Books and their authors, Prizes and International Affairs.
  • The Language Part has test questions on Reading Comprehension passages, Sentence Correction and Grammar, Rearrangement of Sentence and Vocabulary-based questions. This portion of the exam gives emphasis to proficiency in reading.
  • The Logical Reasoning portion contains questions on Series, Arrangements, Premises-Conclusions, True-False Statements, Strong-Weak arguments, and Statements- assumptions, Coding-decoding, Cause-effect, Assertion-Reasoning and Critical Reasoning.
You may access the study material for these areas from various online portals too. Solve the Free Online tests available there to assess your preparation as per the exam pattern.

Tricks to well prepare for this MBA exam:

For math, revise your books from Class 5-10. Quick calculations can help you in saving time. So try to practice with tables, fractions-decimal conversions, questions on squares and cubes etc. to save valuable time in the exam.

For Language Comprehension, read books and periodicals regularly and learn new words by looking up a good dictionary. Work diligently with a good grammar book to improve your grammar. Keep in mind that English section is so vital to the CMAT exams.

Practice spotting the data given in news items in daily newspapers to derive valid deductions for Data Interpretation. Practice hard for approximation problems, decimal-fraction and percentage topics to get a boost in your overall quant section performance. Developing approximations would help you a lot in the exam.

Since the exam has gone online, you ought to practice with online tests on a computer as you will be taking the actual exam on a personal computer at the exam center. The answers have to be marked on the computer screen as no OMR sheets will be provided. You will be provided rough sheets to do the rough works and any such calculation during the exam.

If you are unable to make a good score in the exam, you don’t need to worry for your MBA course. You can pursue it through online mode too, and that would be equally acceptable and well worth too. Many top universities offer their MBA programs through eLearning mode too. Just join them and get your MBA degree while keeping your job too.
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Well, I guess this post has addressed the basics of the CMAT exam preparations. The details are clear and exciting. For many that are interested in this exam I guess this is an opportunity to do the right things!

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