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MBA in Finance or MBA in Marketing?

MBA - Master in business administration is one of the most popular and well respected educational qualifications as per getting best job in corporate industry. Further there are various specialization courses are available for mastery in particular domain such as finance, human resource, marketing, MBA in supply chain management, and many more such high paying profiles in business industry.

The two most demanding specializations among aspirants are marketing and finance. Also, MBA in finance with human resource is also quite popular for dual specialization course. Specialization course in finance gets you closer to high-paying jobs in banking, real-estate, and other financial firms, while a specialization in marketing takes you to the higher management positions in various manufacturing, development and production based firms.
MBA in finance or MBA in marketing?

Many people thinks that finance division has stability for long term career, while others think that in marketing, growth rate is much faster. Some people found marketing too challenging, while others see it as specialization with diverse scope.

In order to choose one of these two well appreciated and challenging business education specialization programs, here is an analysis based on major aspects to consider as per your needs, interest and skills.

Major areas of study:

The aspirants having knowledge and interest in market analysis, industry and economy, banking and investment etc. should go for specialization course in Finance. As these are the major study areas of finance MBA.
On the other hand, people who are good at convincing people, have extra-ordinary communication skills, are good at handling people should go for marketing MBA course. As in this specialization, sales, branding, advertisements etc. are covered.

Skills and talent requirement:

Those who are good in dealing with numbers, efficient in catching every small details of business, have superb analytical and reasoning skills should go for finance MBA program. Finance division deals with capital management of any firm, so you should have decision making and strategic thinking capabilities too.
Other way, usually people with polite personalities, people influencing capability, passion towards trading, and knowledge with basic marketing strategies should go for marketing management course. To perform well in this segment you need to be ready to take risks, to make new strategies instantly, and of course, a pleasant communication skill is required.

Career projections:

For a finance expert, the major duty is to manage the organization’s capital and to implement the best effective strategy to preset appropriate funding for various projects under operation. Finance specialists can find a lucrative career in banking, financial firms such as real-estate companies, share market firms etc. and almost every type of business firm. Finance managers are supposed to be in touch with investors and other funding resources so as to help the organization to get funds.

For a marketing head, the most important task is to design the marketing strategy that attracts market towards it and brings in revenue every time. After getting top rated MBA in marketing, one can have senior position job in banking, brand manager at various production and manufacturing firms, or a market analyst etc. Finance experts can also go for market research executive positions.

Both the specialization courses discussed here are completely well worth, so choose as per your own interest and help your organization to grow faster.
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I agree that Master in business administration is really popular and a famous educational qualifications among all of the youngsters. I had also did MBA after my My professor Aloke Ghosh suggested me to do that as there are huge opportunities in jobs after doing MBA.


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