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Fifth Convocation of Don Bosco University

Assam Don Bosco University had its fifth Convocation on September 10, 2016.  Degrees were conferred on 648 students, of which 172 students received the degree of Bachelor of Technology, 31 Master of Technology, 54 Master of Social Work, 23 Master of Computer Applications, 37 Master of Business Administration, 10 MA in Psychological Counseling, 9 MA in Human Rights, 11 MA in Mass Communication, 11 MA in Education and 16 students received M Sc in Physics.

A total of 267 students from around 37 countries graduated in various disciplines through Don Bosco Global centre of Online and Distance Education. Doctoral degrees were conferred to 7 scholars. Students also received degrees for the campus programmes belong to different states of the country – 231 from Assam, 72 from Meghalaya, 15 from Manipur, 14 from Nagaland, 13 from Arunachal Pradesh, 5 from Tripura, 5 from Mizoram, 10 from Kerala, 5 from West Bengal, 4 from Chhattisgarh, 2 from Delhi and 1 each from Jharkhand, Bihar and Orissa. Also one student each from Maldives and Myanmar received Masters Degree in Education during the convocation.
Gold Medals under various categories were awarded to 13 outstanding graduates with the highest Cumulative Grade Point Average in each program. The Chancellor’s medal was awarded for outstanding performance during Post Graduation to Kangkana Barman of the department of social work. The Vice Chancellor’s medal has been awarded for outstanding performance during Graduation to Ankita Patowary of the department of Civil Engineering, for their notable and exceptional contributions to campus life.
The Hon’ble Chief Minister, Sarbananda Sonowal, was the Chief Guest at the occasion. In his speech, he said, ‘That day was a great day for Assam Don Bosco University. The outstanding performers of the university have been felicitated and honoured, which is a great inspiration to all. In the field of skill development, I believe Assam Don Bosco University can play a big role in the near future.’
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Don Bosco University Announced Masters in Educational Administration Degree Programs

The ever changing global educational environment calls for considerable knowledge, understanding, skills and expertise to be effective leaders and administrators of academic institutions. Masters in Educational Leadership is designed for principals, administrators, policy analysts and academic practitioners – currently on the job or aspiring to take up leadership positions in the academic world – to provide them with the skills and expertise to understand this reality, to gauge its demands and to master these challenges.

This programme will offer students an opportunity to explore policies, laws, leadership styles, values, social change, philosophy and ethnic diversity from an educational perspective. Further, it will lead them to critically examine the conceptual, organizational, political, social, legal, managerial, interpersonal and technical dimensions of leading educational institutions. A masterful blend of theory and practice, the programme will assist them in developing the skills needed for coping with the complex demands of current education policies and practices. Creation of an enabling environment is one of most pressing demands made on educational institutions today, an environment that would be conducive for the formation of dependable human persons - thoughtful citizens, competent parents, faithful friends, capable workers, generous neighbours and lifelong learners. The Educational Leadership programme is designed to build the capacity of individuals to work together with organizations, systems and communities as they accompany the young and provide them with a liberal education that would set them on course towards satisfying careers and at the same time becoming involved and committed citizens of the nation.If you feel passionate about education, leadership and change, you will find the Online Masters in Educational Administration programme an attractive proposition.


Graduate in any stream / 15 Years of Formal education.

Duration :

The Programs is made up of 4 semesters which may be completed within a minimum duration of 2 years and a maximum duration of 4 years.

Program Fee:

4000 USD (Tuition Fee-3600 USD + Examination Fee-200 USD/semester)


Degree Awarded- MBA in Educational Administration

UniversityDon Bosco University

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