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Top Universities in Canada


 One of the popular destinations in terms of high-quality education and best stay back options, Canada’s 26 repudiated colleges and universities come under the world’s top universities. A country which not only provides a safe and low-cost living but also grants permanent resident ship to its international students. Here I am listing down top 10 Canada’s university which remains in every student’s list who wishes to study abroad.

  1. University of Toronto
Holding 1st position, University of Toronto is Canada’s top institution in research and teaching. The University of Toronto has three branches- Downtown Toronto (St. George), Mississauga (in the West) and Scarborough (in the East).
  1. University of British Columbia
The oldest university of Canada, University of British Columbia has 2 campuses- Vancouver (main campus) and Kelowna.UBC grants a number of scholarships as well. Students who want to pursue their career in the field of Business, Engineering or Architecture should absolutely apply in this university.

3.McGill University
McGill is a public research university which obtains the best score for its percentage of international students out of the top ten colleges in Canada. McGill University offers degrees and diplomas in 300 areas of education.

4. McMaster University

Established in 1887, McMaster is one of the recognized universities in terms of medical research. This university includes more than 21,000 undergraduate’s students, 3,500 graduate students and more than 1000 faculty which are available full time.

5. University of Montreal

Dedicated to its international students, the University of Montreal is a leading university in the research sector. Associated with Poly technique Montreal (engineering), and HEC Montreal (business), University of Montreal comes under top 3 research centres in Canada.

6.University of Alberta
One of the best-known colleges for its palaeontology department, its southern campus relies on environmental studies and also includes a leisure centre of 32,516 m2 which comprises a range of sporting facilities, 14 varieties, and the National Canadian Women's Basketball Team.

7. University of Ottawa
Being the youngest university in Canada, the University of Ottawa has gained its position in Canada’s Top 10 universities due to its worldly recognition for research and academic sector.

8. Western University
Known for its exceptional academic programs, research and outstanding studies, Western University offers a comprehensive complement to over 400 undergraduate courses and 88 different graduate programmes, so students can customize their education to their personal strengths and their career ambitions. 

9. University of Calgary
The University of Calgary is a public research institution providing an academic program to more than 3000 international students. Along with its main campus in Canada, the university has another branch in Doha, Qatar. The university comprises of 85 research centres including Cumming School of Medicine, Schulich School of Engineering, Arts, Environmental Design, Graduate Studies, Kinesiology, Law, Nursing, Science, Social Work, Haskayne School of Business, Veterinary Medicine and Werklund School of Education.

10. University of Waterloo

One of Canada’s leading universities in Quantum computing, nanotechnology, clinical psychology, and engineering and health science, University of Waterloo is a public research university with its main campus in Ontario, Canada.
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What Makes a Good Online Learning Experience?


Ten years ago, if I would have been asked to sign up for an online course instead of enrolling myself into an actual college, I would have strongly declined the offer but today learning by means of virtual reality is not only flexible but it allows to accommodate more than one task at a time.
Nowadays people who are working all day, those who hardly have time for themselves and can’t afford not working, they can learn different skills and expertise through the comfort of their home.
Distance learning has its own pros and cons, one must know how to make the best of it and for that, the instructor and the learner must be on the same page and both of them must follow some do’s and don’ts in order to meet the end goal of the online engagement.

Now let’s shed light over some factors that are likely to make your online learning experience a good one.

  • Integration of Multimedia
Online courses already have an edge over regular courses because they have the capacity to differentiate themselves from boring books. The learners can be presented with the information in different and creative ways so that they don’t lose their interest and are hooked onto the lecture.
Different videos, charts, podcasts can also be included which can’t be integrated in normal books and this will keep the learners engaged more as compared to reading long texts with no diversions.

  • Self-Dependent Learning
The online instructors must keep in mind that the learners are adults and can manage work on their own, hence, the attention to tiniest of details must be avoided such as assignments being dictated thoroughly which is just going to frustrate the learner.
Moreover, the online courses must leave room for self-discovery and exploration of different aspects of the subject by the learners on their own and it must also allow freedom of choice and must not dictate everything repeatedly.
The learners are also required to practice self-discipline because they have to manage work on their own without others reminding them to do so, scheduling and staying on the same pace as the class is crucial for a successful outcome.

  • Peer Connections
One of the major lacking of an online course is the isolation of the learner and if this isn’t properly handled, then the learner is likely to feel out of place and over worked. Successful online experiences involve the students interacting through online forums, the discussion boards where the learners are free to communicate off topic in order to develop understanding and a sense of belonging.
The instructors can also encourage the learners to improve interaction by working together on group projects online and this is likely to help in fostering connections and a chance to make friends all over the world. Knowing you have someone on the other end, doing the exact same thing as you does comfort you because you both can relate and handle each other’s queries.

  • Reliable and Latest Designs
Nowadays many courses are designed in a stylish and flashy way using a whole lot of hosts that the learners have to download. Since the learners are widespread, some areas don’t support such technology and this can prove to be a major interference in learning and the traffic to a specific learning site may reduce just because of that.
The videos must use designs and technology that are universally acceptable and used.
Also the design of the material presented in the video must be creatively integrated that enhance learning and maintain the learner’s interest, varied designs and presentation of information will improve retention and motivation to learn.

  • Active Reading and Practicing
One of the major factor of successful online learning experience is not to skip anything present on the screen whether it’s a video or an animation. Graded assignments are of greater importance but the extra material on the course is added by the instructors to aid the learning even further and if it’s skipped just because it doesn’t have marks attached then it’ll be the learner’s loss since skills can’t be gained through marks alone.

  • Meeting Requirements
The learners must not delay the deadlines till the last day and must take the course seriously, successful learners view online courses as a feasible way but not as an easier way to learn.
The instructors on the other hand must try their best to avoid having one way communication and to present proper feedback to the learners whenever they can so that they can assess themselves, they must present quality content that’s interactive and encouraging for the learners to give their own input and achieve the milestones in a successful manner.

The factors discussed above will definitely make the online learning experience a successful one and will make sure that the interaction is inspirational and educational at the same time.

Author Bio

Faiza Farooqi is an Online writer at Simply Studies who help students pursue career enhancing certifications and talks about career counseling around the internet.

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Executive vs Part Time vs Full Time – Which MBA is right for you?


Positively it is little tricky that which MBA would be right or better whether executive or part time or full time and to answer this query we need to understand each above MBA differently.
Who can apply for Executive MBA or why Executive MBA is required?
All those working executives might feel or get sensitized on their official journey to upskill their knowledge and create more skills to achieve established goals of the organization. Since these executives are upwardly mobile hence they need different skills which might gain them employability glocally. These executives are the real target group for the executive programs.
All IIMs and top MBA Institutes offer executive programs for such candidates. But you need to have CAT score or GMAT score with high percentile to become eligible for filling up the applications for the executive programs. You got to have a minimum of five years of work experience to apply for executive program. Definitely after getting your name in the cut off list you will be subjected to group discussion and finally for personal interview.
The crucial point for executive programs is that you will be having teaching methodology which will be different from other programs and you will be undergoing for fifteen months and it will be a residential program for you. The other crucial factor executive program is that executive has to leave the job or gets sponsorship from the company and then join executive programs. The other difficult pastures have come now in the executive programs that placements are not guaranteed. But on the contrary those executives who are very confident personalities are positively opting for executive programs and after having upscaling their skills are venturing out to international markets with bold decisions.
On the other hand part time programs are also meant for the working executives with minimum five years of work experience but most of the time part time programs are suitable for those executives who are in marketing and sales domain in any company. The typical target group of part time program is that either they have not gone through management education earlier because of their previous weaknesses or circumstances. But now having realized this group of working executives would like to upscale their knowledge base and venture out differently. For a student who is thinking for part time programs has to go through objective type entrance test separately conducted by individual institute and after gaining minimum passing marks they still have to go through GD and PI. Top Institutes who are offering part time programs are conscious of the fact to intake quality students and that suits to the candidates even because your diploma as a part time is recognized by industry.
Typical nature of part time program is that you will be undergoing teaching for minimum three years and the biggest plus point for the working executive is that you need not leave your job and continue with your education to attend part time MBA classes in the evenings and on weekends. With the part time program there is no placement offers on behalf of the institute and the students have to network themselves to gain better prospects in the current organization or look forward to green pastures in other organizations.
Full Time MBA is a program where most of the fresh graduates apply and even working executives of maximum one or two years of experience also apply.
Those students who are looking for 2 years full time MBA program will have to have CAT/IIFT/XAT/SNAP/NMAT/CMAT/MAT/IBSAT/MAHCET valid scores and based on your cut off percentile the candidates will be subjected to either WAT or GD followed by PI. The differentiator of full time program is that during the entrance you are tested strictly for your quantitative skills and language skills and since in absence of your work experience your aptitude and attitude become very crucial for your selection.
Residential full time MBA gives you many other benefits of the campuses which offer you learning resources, industry visits and you also listen to the guest faculty which comprises of top haunches of the industry. With this full time program even the institute helps you to get placed in one of the best company and you are offered handsome package. During the campus stay you also learn cross culture observations and many a times you visit some foreign university under student exchange programs.
With the above it is evident that all these programs whether executive or part time or full time is right for an individual but depends you belong to which target group and you need to understand that how you can be eligible for each program and reap the dividends.

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8 Reason To Choose Data Science Course


In simple words, Data Science is the science of data and methods for analysing it to extract valuable information. These days, almost all companies accumulate a lot of different information to improve business processes, competitiveness of the company and strengthen its position in the market.
A Data Scientist is a person who is engaged in data research and the derivation of hidden patterns. He/she makes important predictions on how to act better in a given situation and takes important steps to lead the future.
He/she also deals with mathematical models, programming and statistics in relation to the necessary professional field and solves specific problems, such as the recognition of fraudulent transactions, a set of genes corresponding to a particular disease, financial risks for companies and so on. So, today we will discuss 8 reasons why you should choose Data Science Course-
1. A Great Demand for Data Science Professionals
We live in the information age wherein modern person consumes a lot of data every day. A huge amount of data is processed on websites, apps, online videos, bank transactions, on-demand taxi services, etc. The ability to work correctly with these data allows companies to offer the exact products sought by customers, calculate the optimal price for products and services & make the business more efficient.
A large number of IT companies, start-ups, business organisations, individual entrepreneurs, and higher education institutions are aware of this trend. So, they desperately look for Data managers, Data scientists, Data engineers, etc. So, if you go through Data Science Training and get a certification in it, lots of jobs are waiting for you.

2. A Good Scope in Various Industries
Despite negative remarks, different industries look for data science experts, such as healthcare, banking and finances, agriculture, media, E-commerce, Manufacturing, chemical, etc. There is a shortage of data science experts in the job market. Many analysts predict that the demand for data science will Soar 28% By 2020. Data Science Course in Toronto trains students for this keeping the needs of different industries in mind and helps them to develop necessary skills so that different industries easily keep them on the job.

3. You Will Receive Handsome Remuneration 
Both, beginners and experienced specialists in the fields of artificial intelligence, big data, media and design can fork out handsome salary packages. The world's leading technology companies literally chase the sought-after professionals and pay them adequately. Have a look at the average pay of data science experts.
4. Practical Knowledge
Every year, a large number of companies are introducing advanced analytical technologies in their daily business operations. So, the demand for specialized specialists - data scientists- still exceeds supply. However, those professionals who have the practical knowledge of data are in demand. 
A data scientist should have knowledge of Machine learning (knowledge of algorithms), Encoding (Mandatory knowledge of Python/R languages), Hadoop, SQL and Unstructured data. They should also have Efficiency, ingenuity and intelligence, Business orientation and Sociability if they want to be hired by companies. 
5. Structured Learning Approach
Teachers adopt a structured learning approach while teaching data science to students. Data Science Programs in Toronto examines a wide range of approaches and methods for collecting, processing, analysing and visualizing data arrays of any size.
A separate practically important area of data science is work with big data using new principles of mathematical and computational modelling at a time when classical methods stop working because of the impossibility of scaling them.
It helps students to student learn the basics of the subject area through the formulation and solution of typical problems that come in their way. Data Science Certification Toronto provides the student with the necessary theoretical minimum and shows how to use the instrumental base in practice.
After completing Data Science Training, you will Know the methodology of the work in the field of data science (setting research objectives, collecting data, processing and converting data, examining data, building models and selecting methods, presenting and visualizing results, etc), methods and approaches to standardization and data conversion, machine learning methods and important ways to organise data storage.
Once you get expertise, you will be able to solve applied tasks of processing and analysing data to identify hidden dependencies in them, apply elements of probability theory and mathematical statistics that underlie the models and methods of data science, select machine learning methods correctly to solve practical problems areas of data science, use packages and libraries for machine learning. 
6. Problem-Solving Skills
Problem-solving skills is very important for all data science experts as it enables you to shape the decision-making process, stimulate scientific innovation, improve business operations, or inform public policy. You should also be familiar with statistical analysis and data mining methods as it will help you to find the history in complex, voluminous and high-dimensional data from different sources - compiling high-quality data models and interpreting the results.
7. Flexibility to Work In different Industries
Once you complete Data Science Course in Toronto, you are not limited to just one industry. After gaining experience and expertise, you can work in different industries, such as IT, aviation, medical, E-commerce, food and beverage industry, etc. You can work in different industries as per your expertise.
8. No Tough Condition for Data Science Certification 
There is no specific requirement for taking admission in Data Science Certification Toronto. Anyone who has completed his/her basic education can take admission in this course and become a data science expert after receiving theoretical and practical education.

Final Words
A good number of companies deal with data management for speedy growth and expansion of the business, the demand for data science experts is increasing with each passing day. You can become a data science expert in demand after completing Data Science Training & pursue a bright career. Good Luck!

Author Bio
Junaith Petersen works as a writer and has a Master’s Degree in data science engineering & Mathematics. She has been associated with Lantern Institute which provides Data Science Training.
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Are Online/Distance Degree Programs Value It?

Among its alternative uses, the web functions as a worldwide library, a central repository for experiences and data round the globe. the increase of e-learning may be a natural extension of that perform. Today, it's even doable to attend faculty remotely from anyplace with an online affiliation and continue your education all the far to the graduate level. That's gap up new opportunities for private growth for individuals all round the world, however selecting to earn a web degree isn't one thing to be undertaken gently.

There's still some conjecture in trade circles regarding the worth of on-line degree programs and the way they compare to ancient, in-person instruction establishments. The roots of the controversy go all the approach back to the first days of e-learning, however there square measure growing signs that on-line degree programs square measure gaining acceptance and can presently become the actual normal in higher instructional attainment. If you're considering operating towards a degree on-line, here's what you wish to understand before you create a call.

An Unfortunate Association

One of the largest drawbacks of on-line degree programs is that the perception that they lack the tutorial rigor of ancient, in-person programs. That perception traces back to a series of high-profile scandals involving a worldwide ring of credentials mills, that offered phony degrees to anyone United Nations agency may afford their fee. sadly, such schemes still be common to the current day, pain the reputations of the various alternative legitimate on-line degree programs, several of that square measure currently pass well-known, revered universities round the globe. That has had the unfortunate impact of inflicting businesses and recruiters to be naturally skeptical of job candidates that list on-line degrees on their resumes.

Shaking the Stigma

The good news is that, as on-line learning has become a lot of common, employers appear to be obtaining won't to seeing candidates United Nations agency have earned on-line degrees associate degree are getting a lot of willing to depend upon them as an indicator of the candidate's level of data in their chosen field. Recent applied math knowledge will indicate, however, that not all on-line degree programs square measure viewed because the same by employers. In fact, holders of on-line degrees earned from for-profit on-line faculties still receive twenty two fewer call backs than those who earned degrees from public establishments or brick-and-mortar, for-profit universities. That's not an unlimited applied math distinction, however it's one thing to stay in mind once considering operating towards a web degree.

Making the correct selection

The key takeaway here for people wanting into online education as a method of up their job prospects or to advance in associate degree existing career is that they're an excellent plan - as long as you decide on the correct program. meaning conducting your due diligence to form positive that the web program that you're considering is absolutely licence and is being offered by a legitimate, famed university. As long as you're careful, you're possible to earn a helpful degree whereas saving quite little bit of time and cash. As you advance more, which will quantity to a large quantity of savings. for instance, earning a web Master in Business will price around half a comparable ancient program, thus it's over price taking some time to search out a well-regarded program that suits your specific desires.

Onward and Upward

At now, there square measure a lot of reasons to show to online degree programs than there square measure drawbacks, which scenario ought to solely still improve as time goes on. Already, online degrees have begun to shed their unfortunate name and are getting common enough that they'll now not be discounted by employers. That's excellent news for anyone seeking to earn a brand new degree, thus if you've been sitting on the fence and weren't positive if a web degree would offer you with the type of education that might pay real dividends, you must currently be ready to proceed into your instructional future with no reservations.
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UGC has Made Changes in Education, Permission to run Open Course only on Sworn Affidavit

The UGC has given a lot of relief to higher education institutions, which are involved in the strict rules of free and distance education. Keeping such institutions free from the initial obligation of NAC (National Assessment and Recognition Council), only one sworn affidavit has decided to allow free and distance courses. Although such institutions will need to get NAC ranking within two years of getting permission, otherwise the permission given to them will be canceled. So far, for higher education institutions to start these courses, it was necessary to get NAC ranking first, which was not possible for new institutions.

Keeping in view these difficulties of the University Grants Commission (UGC), the higher education institutions have made changes in the rules set for free and distance education programs. This is the third change after the rules made for them in 2017.

The rules which were prepared by the UGC for the permission of free and distance education courses were available to the institutions that got the permission for five years old and NAC's ranking (average ranking 3.26). In such cases, the ranks of the hardest NAC had to be secured for the institutions, as it was necessary for them to get the necessary criteria, including the infrastructure, which could not afford before starting the course.

Institutions had argued that on what basis they raised the necessary criteria, when there was no nomination for the students here. Institutions have been asked to apply for this by October 4.

With this, the UGC has also set up some new criteria for institutes running free and remote courses, under which institutions have been asked to appoint one qualified consultant on every hundred students related to that subject.

In addition, it is necessary to mobilize laboratory, library, on-line communication and information and communication technology facilities in proportion to the number of students. At the same time, under the new rules, free universities have been kept separate from it.
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Several Benefits of Home Tuition


Many parents are aware that tuition may be necessary for their child to attain his or her full academic potential. After all, it is easy for an individual student’s particular learning needs to be overlooked in a large classroom. When it comes to selecting the mode of tuition, however, the differences between the learning environment in home tuition sessions and classes in a tuition centre may not be as apparent.

The former is almost always costlier. There are nevertheless several benefits to home tuition that are worth serious consideration:

1. Highly personalized attention 
Class sizes in tuition centres are typically smaller than those in secondary or primary schools. Even so, it may be difficult for a tuition teacher to focus specifically on your child in this context. If your child has unique or atypical learning difficulties, it would be worthwhile to opt for home tuition instead. A home tutor can provide more detailed feedback and instruction, as well as address problem areas that would otherwise be overlooked. Your child could also improve significantly by having an educator’s undivided attention.

2. Social pressures
Some students find it difficult to learn in larger social settings. They may become anxious due to the pressure to compete with their peers and avoid asking their teachers questions in front of their peers because they are self-conscious about their social standing (or perhaps they are too shy). In a one-to-one home tuition setting, they will be more at ease to voice their problems and learning
difficulties to their tutor.

3. Flexibility, comfort, and convenience
Home tuition poses fewer logistical challenges to you and your family. Instead of having to drive your child to the tuition centre and back (or have him or her rely on public transportation), you can count on your home tutor to arrive at your doorstep at the designated time. You will not have to worry about bad traffic, bad weather, or lengthy periods of travel. The time saved can be used to prepare for the lessons – which can be enjoyed in the comfortable setting of your own home.

4. Compatibility
When it comes to teachers in secondary schools and tuition centres, you often have little opportunity to select the individual that will ultimately be responsible for your child’s learning. Home tuition gives you the opportunity to hire a tutor that can specifically address your child’s unique learning needs. This does not simply involve subject matter expertise. You can gain better results by hiring a tutor that complements your child’s personality and learning style.

5. Additional enrichment
Some parents view tuition as a form of “damage control”, i.e. tuition teachers mainly exist to remedy the shortcomings and flaws of the public (or private) education system. In truth, however, home tutors have greater freedom when it comes to education since they are not bound by the syllabus or the focus on examination results. While many home tutors are hired to address these very concerns, they can also enrich your child’s learning by going above and beyond the school syllabus.

Home tutors can be invaluable in helping students – both strong and weak – address their learning difficulties and achieve their full potential. We at ChampionTutor are fully dedicated to the task of helping you find the best home tutor for your child. Find the right tutor with us and enjoy the benefits for years to come.

Author Bio : Robert Wilson was born and raised in Malaysia. He is working as a blogger for ChampionTutor- The Best Tuition Agency in Malaysia. He’s hardworking, competent and trustworthy. His role within the company is to manage a team of Tutors. In his spare time, he loves to read, write and watch movies.
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